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Healing Success Stories

Some letters from our files: 

(In alphabetical order)


D.B. - London - 26 July 2010

My allergies have cleared.
This weekend I partook in eggs, cakes, cream.  All the things I was allergic to and have had no eczema flare ups.

A.M. - Italy - 27 November 2002

Ten years ago I become allergic to strawberries. Their smell was enough to make my face itchy.

During the March intensif stage (sic) I decided to eat a cup of strawberries, telling to myself "I'm among 30 healers: if I do not eat strawberries now, I will never eat them again in my whole life"

I had no effect, and since them I can eat and smell strawberries without pain.

H. S. - London - 20 June 2000

I had an Alergy test today, linked to my work, and it turns out I am now candida free, fine with sugar (not hypoglicemic), fine with wheat/gluten/milk/meat, fine with alcohol, for somebody with an ME diagnosis (linked to Hypoglicemia and Candida) 7 years ago and who has been eating no sugar, alcohol, cafeine, etc... since then I was pretty impressed.

I feel better. I feel healed, but to see it on paper in black and white (well green, mostly, actually) was great!

D.B. - London - 26 Feb. 2002

I'm walking down stairs properly.  Straight on.  I use to always hold the railing and walk down sideways. 

Second piece of good news.  When I was flying with Air France they use almond soap.  In the past, I would have an allergic reaction, a rash going up my arm and partial throat closure.  This did not occur.



A.B. - Geneva - 6 October 2010

For years I was anemic, and I was often having iron infussions. It was seeming to be chronic and not getting any better. 
And now I have some great results.
 In March 2010 my Ferritine was 8 counts.
 In June my Ferritine was 10 counts.
 NOW after your workshop my Ferritine is 21 counts, tested in October, it has doubled.
Average people have between 10 and 150 counts. So I have decided I am going to get my Ferritine, Iron levels even higher.
I am so happy about this result.



M. H.  - England - 5 February 2004

An arthritic right elbow is at least 90% better. Most amazing of all, I seem to have lost my intolerance of dairy products, which I have lived with for about 5 years.  Cheese would trigger arthritis a day or two later; the pain was bad enough to stop me sleeping.  On the last day of the course, our cafe had run out of everything except fried Halloumi cheese, and somehow I knew it would not be too rash to eat some. No prob! 
A couple of days ago I had a wicked pizza dripping with cheese, and there is not a trace of reaction. I am healed, and I feel so grateful and so humble to have received this gift.

C. J. - France - 8 July 1997 - 

I am not suffering any more from cervical arthritis. It is now 99 days after the class in March 1997.



L.P. - London - January 21, 2005

Just writing to thank you so much for the wonderful workshop last weekend. It has changed my life! I feel that the fog, through which I've gazed at the world for so long, has lifted. Suddenly everything is different, yet the same - I am light hearted, energetic, loving, hopeful and totally clear in a new set of beliefs about how to live my life fully and why I am here at all.

C. D. - England - 24 January 2004

Life seems far simpler and more enriched now I have the logical answers to common ailments.

J. K. - England - 14 January 2004

Since I came home on Sunday each day gets better and better. I feel alive, I feel connected, I feel grounded, I feel complete, I feel aware, I feel love everywhere, I feel happy. I AM.

A. F. - Groningen (Netherlands) - 17 June 2003

WOW! This technique is really amazing and beautiful! I gave a healing a three weeks ago to a friend in the USA for his twisted ankle. We didn't do it in the level 1 courses, but I figured that since energy is everywhere, a distant healing must work as well as with the person being there. My friend was quite skeptical but curious, and in any case trusting me and my good intentions.

He just called me a while ago to tell me his success story. Well, not only did his ankle improve within 2 days (it had been in a status quo for several months) but his wife has been found to "perfectly fit the profile" for a job in Germany, to where he would also easily get a job. They had been wishing to move to Germany for quite some time and things had just not been happening up to then.

I'm very happily impressed and touched of how much of a difference love directed with wisdom can make. I love it! I love it! Thanks so much for this method!!!!!!!!!!!

A.D. - Denmark - November 30, 2004

I am feeling remarkably different in such a short space of time.  I feel calm, don't tense up and my feet are so flat on the floor I feel like I'm walking with flippers on... I'm enjoying this new place in the world enormously!!  After 10 years of various healing sessions, this is the first time I have actually walked away with a tangible result instead of a warm glowing feeling that "something good must have happened".

C.W. - Scotland - October 5, 2004

...on the plane coming home, I felt so relaxed and soon realised that all my anxiety, which I relate to vertigo and was quite severe, had disappeared and I was no longer anxious on landing and take off or all the bumps on the way.  Each time I came on a course (and I have done 3 now) this got better, and now it has disappeared altogether.

My digestive system has also improved and I no longer have a sensitivity to wheat.  All my symptoms have gone since I got back home.

S. - 5 July 2003

My sincere thanks for all your insight into the problems I have posted on this message board. My right arm is now strong and holding forth. I am no longer holding back and facing things with truth.

S. G. - Copenhagen - 23 May 2003

I feel so perfect, full of love for everybody and like a little child that wants to explore his power. I am a
new person, the one I always know I was but never allowed him to express freely!!

K.S. - Germany - 7 February 2003

I'm a changed person. I feel so much love around me and I feel my heart is open. I was never so deep inside of me

Dr. A.S. - U.K. - 29 January 2003

Your course made a great impression on me and I have used healing on 4 patients, with good effect.

H.J. - U.K. - 23 January 2003 

I am taking charge of my life and handling some difficult situations that would have made me feel suicidal before.

F.L. - U.K. - 11 December 2002

Since I have been in touch with your work I have begun to feel a new quality of energy pervading my being.

J. E. R. - U.S.A. - (Not Dated)

I do not have the right words to describe how it felt to attend and complete one of Martin's workshops.  I have been involved in the world of holistic health for well over twenty five years now and it takes something profound to move me to the level of excitement I reached during this initial workshop.  The man is a MASTER Healer and Teacher.  I wish that I would have had the advantage of attending  a workshop with him prior to developing my initial brochure for the last workshop.  It would have been totally different.  Above and beyond everything else, what impressed me the most was the clarity and the SIMPLICITY of the teachings and the fact that they ARE EFFECTIVE.

During the weekend we worked about ten hours a day.  We saw a number of amazing things happen.  We saw a woman born with cerebral palsy and a twisted gait walk straighter for the first time and with less pain.  I personally have suffered with a chronic throat ailment for the past eight years and it is gone.  We saw headaches, backaches and more disappear IMMEDIATELY.  We learned to see auras in five to ten minutes each when I had tried for many years to do so.  We spent several hours on learning the chakras in depth - the colors, the various physical, mental and emotional areas of our lives they effect, colors that indicate dysfunction in one or more areas of our lives and how to clear the colors and in so doing clear the dysfunction and were able to verify with each other that something had been healed.  Long buried issues that were affecting our lives in some way were, in some of us brought to the surface and released.  We each had five or more healings done on us and had the opportunity to be the healer as well many times and see healing occur.  We learned to scan the body and to see the chakras and clear them.  We learned to see thought forms in the body and were able to remove them.  There was much, much more that took place, too much to mention here.

Doctor R.S. - Italy - 6 July 1998 - 

At the end of this course I realized that the method works no matter what "scientific" explanation you can find. I tried other intellectual speculations regarding the "anthropological pathways," the old Gnossis, Tantra or the Upanishads, but they seemed to me too far from this immediate and direct approach. 

What I realized was that all my knowledge was not only not useful but detrimental to my learning. It happened at the beginning when I gave my first "White Light" healing to a friend with Parkinson's Disease. He did not know that I was a doctor and that I usually treat patients like him. He chose me as a healer and I was amazed. Twenty years of medical school training stood in front of me. ...Eventually I perceived the light entering and expanding. ...What impressed me was that he was really better, without any levodopa or dopaminergic drugs. His voice, his face, his movements were better. 

D.S.L. - Denmark - 14 February 1999 -

No more pain in my arm, so now I can go to the neurologist and tell them I've been healed (I will love that). 

You told me something about how to treat a person whose image you saw when healing my heart chakra. I've followed your advice and it has made my life much easier. And most important to me - I enjoy life again. To me now life is really God playing with God. Thanks a lot!


Blood Pressure

A.M. - Switzerland - 31 May 2012

I have had high blood pressure all my life, and now it is back to normal (healed by another student during an Intensive Level 1).

This has been witnessed by 2 doctors in the intervall of 6 months. I'm very happy about this :o)

C.Q. - U.S.A. -  24 April 2007

I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and for the first time my blood pressure registered as normal at his office. 

N.B. - France - 25 August 2003

My blood pressure is now normal (i.e. like everyone else's) without any drugs at all.  I haven't been at this level for fifteen years.  My eyesight is also slowly improving.  I don't wear any glasses for driving in the daytime, and when I do have to wear them, I have to wear my reading glasses which are a far weaker prescription, or I get headaches.  And on the subject of headaches - I had a real bad one yesterday when I woke and healed myself.  I put white light into myself and then removed the headache physically and threw it away.  Wham - gone.  Wonderful.  My bowels are also improving too.  And generally I feel very more relaxed and laid back, and very happy with life in general.  Thank you very much.  I am a success story!

J.I. - U.S.A.  - 10 February 2002 - 

I saw my Doctor yesterday, my blood pressure stayed the same upon standing up, and he was so impressed and incredibly relieved and he found it quite amazing. Yesterday was my best result so far. I showed no signs of postural hypotension at all. I said : Cool, huh? And he said: Don't laugh. It's no joke. When I started showing signs of getting better, he admitted that at one point he believed I wasn't going to make it. I had what they call 'idiopathic autonomic nervous system dysfunction/failure' where I would faint if I stood up quickly, my heart rate would escalate just by standing up, and I would have to go to the bathroom 8-10 times a night because it also affects your diuretic hormones. Needless to say, someone would have to walk with me to the bathroom. When I look at what's happening today in view of where I was, I see things in perspective.

L.H. - Denmark - 20 October 1998 - 

My blood pressure, which was too too high is normal. 

My mother, whom I thought would suffer a lot, is healthy. The tumor in her kidney has disappeared.



T.F. (France) October 2013

I followed the Body Mirror Workshop with Martin Brofman and Philippe Hannetelle , I suffered from psoriatic arthritis and algodystrophy at the level of the feet,  I could not walk  anymore and then found myself with crutches and a wheelchair. Doctors had condemned me  and recognized disability, The pain was constant and no relief solution despite all the painkillers and others .. nothing was functioning. 

I went to Switzerland to participate to  the  Body Mirror Workshop  with great difficulty for going there and a very nice friend took me there. After the workshop in April,  the pains have started to decrease and  in June the doctors ask themselves questions after a new feet x-ray, my feet  bones  rebuilt quickly so they offered me to redo x-rays and other exams the following month ... and there again a clear improvement.

So far, I can walk properly without crutches and my wheelchair remains folded away. I  thank Martin , Philippe and all the team of healers that I have met in the workshops, all this Love I have received and I still get. It is a real feeling of happiness,  they are in an unconditional love,  I thank the whole team and I wish a wonderful life to everybody lined with a beautiful white light path .

A.P. (Germany) 10 September 2008  

Just arriving from the x-ray examination. Wonderful, there is no more fracture, the bone is healed, as I imagined it to be. My doctors and the traditional medicine say that in the first 5 years there is a chance of 80% that the bone will not heal because of a loss of blood support in the area of the head and neck of the hip. Therefore they are quite surprised.

K.K. - England - April 21, 2004

The success that I've noticed so far is that my sacrum has not been clicking out of place and I've been moving with my body much more fluidly. I also feel that my consciousness has been recalibrated - I'm currently inhabiting a new, freer, lighter more deeply joyful bubble, which is gorgeous.

R. B. - U.S.A. - 4 August 2003

After typical rehab proved ineffective, chakra work  has me  almost  walking  w/o a walker, my stamina  is building  up w/ daily exercise. Your recommended orange root medicine honoring my mother- allowed my ankle to pivot - I/m no longer stiff legged shuffling dependant on momentum - I'm able to stop and start on a incline, adding large gains w/ my balance, I can finally see the LIGHT at the  end of my rehab  tunnel. 

N.W. - Denmark - (Not Dated) -

Thank you for what you have done to me. I am feeling a happiness when I take a cup on one hand and a plate in my other hand and walk to the table. ...About three weeks and three days ago I could not do things like that.

I have bought a bike. It is eight years since I have been on a bike. It is so good to feel the wind in my face.

It is because of you I can hold the pain away and I can walk without that stick. Thank you Martin Brofman



K.V. - Greece - 5 November 2010

Talking about the results of the healings...non breathing in my sleep (apnea) disappeared! swelled  lymph glands disappeared! gynecological problems disappeared!

A.H. - London - 7 April 2003

I attended your first healing weekend in the UK last year and found the whole experience incredible. I have an incurable lung disease - very rare - of which there is no cure. I have just been for my annual check up and guess what? My lung functions tests have improved!! The doctor told me immediately that this was impossible and had no explanation. But we know why!!

R.L. - Madeira - 4 April 2003

The day I left the seminar I went home and my 10 years old boy was having a Asthma crisis. I went to the kitchen for the medicine, but I assumed I was a healer and placed the hands on my kids back...the symptoms disappeared.


Cancer, Tumors, Cysts

RA - January 2013

A year ago an girlfriend (rafaella)of me told me about you and your method to heal cancer.
She treated me with a chakra healing, and I looked ad your you-tube video.
That time I was diagnosed prostrate cancer with metastase into the bones.
Since that time I started with meditation like you did.
And last week I had some tests they where negative. The cancer was gone.
So I thought I have to wright you this, and I am very great full  and happy that you did
Spread out your method to heal.

MS (Slovenia) February 2011

My mammography was a real success story (i was called to repeat it), because they told me that first unclear report was just a mistake.Open-mouth smile
Scintigraphy (searching for metastasis on bones) is still unclear: first my doctor told me that there are some new areas of accumulation (but some from the last picture had disappeared), then on X ray pictures all was normal. So, everything is o.k. right now!

A.P. (London) January 2011

In 2006 the scan of a tumour in my head showed that it had collapsed inward and the doctors said they didn’t need to see me any more after that. But I requested another scan recently so that I could see the picture has progressed to no tumour at all.

I have just returned from the hospital where the consultant showed me the scan of what was once a tumour in my head. It has shrunk to only 5 mm across and the breadth of my little finger tip, and where once it filled with blood and grew, the tissue is now black and dead, like old scar tissue. The consultant said there is nothing there to worry about any more and it was wonderful to see the new image, compared to the ones I used to be presented with five or six years ago. I am so happy to have reached this milestone in my healing journey, and grateful indeed to my body to have sent me down the road of healing where I have discovered a happier, richer life. I want to thank you Martin above all for your wisdom and clarity and your loving insistence that we can pursue healing to its fullest extent without compromise.

E.C. (London) July 2010

In January 2007 I was involved in a serious bus accident and spent a month in hospital. During this time a scan revealed a lymphoma and I underwent chemotherapy over the next few months.

In May 2008 it relapsed and I was told that without treatment, I had only "weeks, maybe months" to live. However - not fancying the stem cell transplant treatment offered & its immune system decimating levels of chemo (and, after all that, only a 30% - 50% chance of success) - I decided to look at other approaches. I first studied BMS later that year. Over the ensuing period, I felt I was managing to hold the disease off but scans showed that it was still progressing

It was after these scans that I would ask for help - finding it difficult to hold the idea that I was getting better, with integrity. You were all fantastically supportive (thank you all), some especially so, spending time on the phone and with individual healing (thank you Martin, thank you Anna, thank you Manya). And thank you to everyone I have worked with at the Intensives.

At my last Consultant's appointment, I was told that - on the basis of how healthy and symptom free I am & having been physically examined - I am in complete clinical remission!!!

M.F. (London) 16 March 2010

In Autumn 2007 I was due to surgery for a large cyst (6cm diameter)  near my ovaries. After a Body-Mirror session with you here in London, the cyst shrunk to 3.5cm and the surgery was cancelled. I had an ultrasound scan at the hospital earlier this morning to check the situation and, 2 and half years after surgery was cancelled, I am very pleased to let you know that there is no trace of that cyst at all, as if it had never been there. THANK YOU.

M.F. - Italy - 24 December 2009

Marialisa has no more cancer in her body (this is what her blood analysis says)

A.B. (Denmark) 7 October 2009

I just want to let you know, that the scan of the liver showed no more cancer :o) So I consider my self to be well and healthy again.

S.J. (Lyon) 15 January 2009

I have recuperated my left arm... That is to say when I lay down before, my brain "refused to recognize" (doctor speak) my arm and I more often than not couldn't feel it. Well now I can (effects of healing brain tumor). I think that the xmas course was very helpful in terms of confidence

M.L. (India) 20 November 2008

I had my scan yesterday and there is no trace of Cancer. Suddenly a lot of people are interested and amazed at the "miracle"".

K.M. (Switzerland) 7 September 2008

Condition at the beginning of the class - spreading cancer - Type A Melanotic, showing in lymph chest / arm region.

I went on the Intensive course because I didn't have much hope for the future, having had four operations for skin cancer, repeating pattern at the five year anniversary stage. After the course a PET scan showed the cancer in the lymph was no longer there. The blood test was normal and the ultra scan too.

M.S. (London) 25 June 2008

Had my scan results all good, brain tumours have reduced Hurrah! everything else stable.

Z.E. (London) 19 March 2008, 30 April 2008

I was diagnosed in November with a Cholesteotoma (the first two google links have some good info on this) and was told the condition was "very serious" and required "urgent surgery". I was put on the list for surgery in Feb, and a CT scan in Dec, to assess the size of the tumour

I asked what would happen if I didn't have the surgery, and the doctor said the tumour would continue to grow, putting pressure on my facial nerves, until the right side of my face was completely paralysed. Assuming the prognosis is the same as it was when I was 3 (when I first had the condition) the bone destroying enzymes the tumour produced would continue to destroy the bones in my head, and eventually my brain.

Moved the CAT scan to Jan, so as to be able to attend healing course (the dates clashed) and it came back clear. No tumour, no discharge. All clean.

...they found no evidence of a tumour, or there ever having been one. I don't need an operation, and I don't want to die anymore. (I'm crying now!) :o)

Just wanted to say an immense, immense THANK YOU to all of you, for your love, for your compassion, for your incredible hearts, and for being there. Something happened in those four days we spent together- I found a reason to live. To receive love (healing) like that, and to be able to give in a way that comes (and has always come) so naturally to me, and then to be able to TALK about it... !!! I can't tell you how grateful I am.

So a massive thank you to each and every one of you, and to those who did healing with me directly- you have yourselves a testimonial!!! ;o) ;o)

S.C. (New York) 13 April 2008

I went to see my doctor last week, and she said that my tumors have decreased in size.

Z.E. (London) 19 March 2008

Wanted to let you know I went to the hospital not so long ago and they found no evidence of a tumour, or there ever having been one.

M.F. (London) 16 November 2007

Yesterday the very same doctor who had advised to undergo surgery for the removal of the ovarian cyst and was due to perform the operation this Wednesday (the 21st) had a look at the scan taken on 6 November. He decided to cancel the operation as the size of the cyst has significantly decreased.  He thinks it will empty completely. There was no need for me to tell him that I did not want to proceed with the surgery, he took the decision entirely on his own based on the result of the scan.

M.F. (London) 7 November 2007

Yesterday's ultrasound scan revealed that the ovarian/fimbrial cyst has ''surprisingly'' shrunk from a previous diameter of a sizeable 6.5 cm to 3.8 cm.

It is extremely rare for ovarian cysts larger than 4.0 cm to reabsorb spontaneously, so the doctor taking the scan was rather puzzled. I mentioned to her that I had had ''alternative'' treatment just few weeks ago and that I believe my body will progressively make the cyst smaller and smaller until it disappears  ;)

At less than 4.0cm, the cyst has now a size that is not recommended for removal, so on the appointment that I have on the 15th I will inform my doctor that it would be my preference not to proceed with the surgery, which is booked for the 21st of this month ( i.e. in just two weeks)

What can I say:  THANKS  :)

E. E. (London) 6 November 2007

The last time I went to see the consultant oncologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, he turned round to the registrar after examining me and said 'When I first met Evelyn 20 years ago, I thought to myself "This patient's definitely a write-off.  No hope for this one."  But here she is today, working and she's even had a baby.  It's obviously a very rare form of cancer.'  Luckily, I had my back to them so they couldn't see me secretly smiling and rolling my eyes heavenwards!  Anyway, I don't really need to remind you that my being here today is thanks to inspiration and help from you and also Louise L. Hay's books!!!  Thanks so much Martin - you really are one in a million and have helped me see life from a totally different dimension. 

M.M. (London) 6 November 2007

I would like to tell you about my lacrimal gland "tumour" which if you remember I attended a healing session with you for.  I also did the healing course level 1.  As you know I refused at the time to have it operated on, because it would mean cutting my skull & putting 2 screws in it etc. etc. so much, against the consultant's advice who said it would probably be too late in a year's time, I decided not to have it done, even though he was going to take me in immediately, but I felt deeply inside that it would be the wrong thing.  I know the hospital meant well according to the CT & MR1 scan findings.  Anyway like I told you in a previous email, it gradually got smaller with time & recently 4 months ago when I saw one of the world leading lacrimal gland consultants (not at that hospital) it had completely disappeared & he said to me you were right all along, of course I could have been wrong to go according to my feelings, but like you said the body sometimes heals itself according to the mind if given the chance & opportunity.  He said when he first felt it a couple of years ago, it was as big as an eyeball & he was at that time going to do a biopsy to the back of my eye, because he is an expert in this & wouldn't have to cut my skull, but I 'phoned him at the last moment & said that it might seem silly but it looked slightly better to me & he decided to do a dye scan which showed as he stressed, that it was only very slightly smaller, but that he would keep an eye on it (excuse the pun) & he saw me regularly after that every 3/4 months or so & each time it was smaller till now it has disappeared completely.

A.P. (London) 5 November 2007

Once I had understood the connection between my body and my feelings, I carried on healing with a daily routine, as taught by Martin. I imagined my tumour dissolving and my health fully restored.

Two years later, this is a reality. The tumour has receded without medical intervention.

H.W. (U.K.) 31 October 2007

Good news! I have just been to receive the results from my last blood counts. They have gone from CD4 328 – 749! This is one heck of a jump (and in the realms of a normal count, although they can’t say that and give false hope).  It will be interesting to see what the next count is, if it remains the same or rises.

Also after two abnormal smears a colposcopy has revealed a clear result.

I’m feeling good !  Anything CAN be healed.  

M. (U.K.) 31 October 2006 

Good news when I went to see the Consultant yesterday, he said the lacrimal mass behind my eye has nearly disappeared completely, before it was as big as an eyeball & he doesn't think it was a tumour after all although he can't be sure because he never took a piece from it to examine but I was on the brink of going into Moorfields to have it removed by him when it suddenly started to go down & it shouldn't give me any more trouble but he will see me in 6 months & then I asked him about the menigioma on the back of my head which was seen previously on two scans & he said he cannot even see it on the scan anymore.  But he will have another look.  I expect he might ask for another scan in 6 months time.  He can see evidence of the sub-cortical strokes however but all that has settled down.  So it's all good news & all due to Body Mirror consciousness healing.  Thank you.  I also feel so much better as a person & in my psyche

A. P. (U.K.) 13 October 2006  

 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2002 (deep, next to my pituitary) It was a mysterious lump which they couldn't operate or investigate ( too deep). I discovered Martin, and healing, about a year later, and the last scan result which I saw in July this year showed a lump which seemed to be emptying from the inside, like a sail with the wind gone out of it. The doctors is not concerned any more, and I know it won't be a problem for me any longer. Who knows whether this would have happened anyway, since the consultant never knew the cause of the lump nor could give it a name, but I know that it withered from healing. The tumour was a gift ... from my body to me, because it forced me to change my life for the better, it opened my eyes to healing, and it showed me the power we all have to heal each other

S.T. (Email) - 11 September 2006

One of my breakthrough moments was when you, Martin, said that a sore throat could be caused by anger at not being able to express myself.  I dug deep, heard that statement resonate with truth, and literally became a different person.  My blood type is the same, but my attitude type is totally different.  The situation which caused my anger also changed, literally at that moment.  And my cancerous tumor (breast), which a surgeon at our local hospital demanded I schedule surgery to remove, disappeared by the time I saw a specialist two months later. This works, both instantly and long-term.  Thank you for pointing out the way.

A. P. - U.K. - May 4, 2005

I was diagnosed with a nameless lump next to my pituitary that palsied my right eye and gave me double vision,

Yesterday I went to see the neurosurgeon for the results of my first scan for a year. His first words were " The mass seems to be harder to see on the scans for 2005 than on the ones for 2003."

G. G. - England - October 17, 2004

On 29th September 2003, I saw you in London. On 22nd September 2004, my PET scan at Geneva hospital was clear of any metastasis which I had the year before. Thank YOU!
P.S.: Seeing you together with other natural treatments and praying was better than any chemio or radio-therapy which I refused to do.

M.P. - Italy - July, 2004

After the healing, my mother felt better and a week ago she did the test to know about the cancer she had. Doctors were very astonished: the cancer in the low abdomen is gone!

C. P. - England - 29 January 2004

In September 2003 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and told that I needed a mastectomy immediately .... Today I attended the hospital and saw the surgeon who wanted to remove my breast. She examined me and did an ultrasound and was obviously deeply puzzled when she was unable to find  any sign of the tumour.

M. I. - Denmark - 21 December 2002

...the bump in my breast has disappeared

Badaro. - Portugal - 30 January 2002 - 

The level of all (initial) values in the blood analysis were very high mainly, the haemoglobin

Monday, after the seminar, I went again to the cancer Hospital at Lisbon to do some blood analysis. The results were surprising. My physician told me what your physician said to you: "I can't explain why but your analysis are back to normal levels.". I asked : " Do you have any medical explanation ?" and she said "Sorry, I don't" and I answered "I know".  

C.M. - Germany - 24 July 1998 -

The medical examination of Maurice has revealed a more than conspicuous decline of the tumor.

M-A. R. - England - 16 September 1998 -

The hard fibroid lump has gone down and there is more mobility in my lower abdomen.


Drug Addiction

S.S. (Geneva) 10 February 2008

Before the class - Dependant on heroine for five years, but being treated with methadone for the past six months with 90 mg. per day. Tried without success to stop before the class. First day of the class I took 90 mg. Afternoon of the second day it was just okay with 25 mg. Took nothing the third and fourth day. No symptoms of withdrawal, neither physical nor mental. I feel free and light. I am healed!


Eating Disorder

D.W. (UK) 3 August 2008

...my eating problem has been healed !!. It happened at the course ... Things are different now in my family- my dad is less confused and my mum is happier. It is great. I am finally letting his love in. I feel very emotional about it all and there is finally an element of trust building between us and a healing.



K.A. India  21 November 2009

This is to thank you for your response and for your information provided in your book. It has worked for me and I am pregnant now (1 month). We are very happy and very thankful to you.

E.C. London 12 August 2007

I told you about my miracle baby after taking your course in 2005 with my husband. I thought I would write to you to remind you of this wonderful miracle so that you can share with your future classes to inspire and let them know how anything is possible.

I was having miscarriage after miscarriage after miscarriage. Conceiving was not a problem.

The funny thing that happened during your class was that, the first healer that ended up working on me, out of all the people in the class, was a midwife!!!! pure chance? coincidence?!!!? synchronicity?


Genital, STD

K.V. (Greece) 16 January 2009

I had the result of my test pap yesterday and there is no (more) condyloma...

My doctor was wondering...Is it possible?
Yes, it is!!!
Anything can be healed!

E. K. - London - May 5, 2005

Since the workshop with you at the weekend in London, I had a scan yesterday and received results: results: all clear, scan: can't see anything unusual!!

The previous scans had shown thick womb lining which had led to having an operation to remove it and then the operation led to hemorrhaging.  I had a very very heavy period before doing level 1, as well as lots of discharges and infections.  However the results of swabs are now clear and it all cleared up over level 1.  They cannot see anything in the scan now either!

N.F. - Greece - February 28, 2013

I had lichen sclerosis in the vulva. I HAD, because I don't any more! So I am very happy about that, and I would like to thank you for the healing you gave me, the advice and the inspiration. I am very gratefull.



R.G. (USA - Texas) 6 October 2009

I can extend my right hand out at arms length and am able to hear me snap my fingers! Before I had to snap my fingers right next to my ear.

R. C. (Portugal) 1 June 2009

8 years ago, while I was giving a yoga class (which was at the time only a hobby that I coordenated with my job, dispite I wanted to be my way of living), i felt a loud and constant sound in right hear (i´m left handed), which obstructed my sense of hearing in this side. 

The day after Martin was talking about my perception of the family expectations, and how i decided to feel about not doing what i really like to do, and after a while just told to move my fingers near the right hear and for (the first time in) 8 years i heard something. It was amazing!!  In that same night i heard music with headphones and the day after i could listening whisper in right hear!!

W.L. - England - 15 April 2004

On the way home, at 8.50pm, my left ear got full hearing!


B.A-M (Kuwait) 24 September 2006 (Age 21)

the last time i attended martin's course (Feb. 2006) i talked about how i'm taller than i was in july 2005. here is the whole story,

i wasn't satisfied with my height so i started working on my third eye... that was in july. in august 2005, a doctor measured my height and i was 5 cm taller ! measured it again in october at home and i was 1 cm taller ... so the total was 6 cm.and i stopped for a while and started working on my endigo chakra again this month +  went to check my height today and guess what ! i grew 1.5 more cm. so the total is 7.5 cm :) ... i'm really getting taller, heh talk about a confidence boost ;)

my height was 154 cm back in july 2005 and now i'm 161.5 cm and i'm still holding the perception that i'm getting taller and taller every day :)  

M. A. - Kuwait - August, 2004

Remember my young daughter, I told you about her that she is so small and her length is one year back than its original!! I took her to the hospital as I told you. She was 72 Cm at that time in May 25th 2004 and I start healing her Indigo chakra for growth and talked to her spirit as you advised me. Last week she had a doctor visit and her length was 84 Cm She grew 12 Cm in just 3 month, while she did not grew even 1/5 Cm since she was 1 year!! (she is now 2.6 years) 


S. B. - Porto - 18 September 2003

Not only is my liver now healed, as the relationship with people I care about has improved, but the fog I felt in my head has turned into brightness.

S.B. - Porto - 19 July 2003

I knew I had this problem for 4 years and I found out that the treatment of the institutional medicine was very painful. So, I heard about the body mirror system, and I went to you. Today I went to pick up my clinical analysis and I had a wonderful surprise: the hepatitis C was gone!!!



M.L.G. - Denmark - 20 October 2002

My short term memory is rapidly moving back to a place, where I no longer feel demented several times a day, because I forget little things. The other day, I had something in the oven,- and merely remembered it, and in time, so I didn't come out into the kitchen at a much later time, to just realize I'd once again forgotten to take things out. It feels really good to just remember things, and not writing little notes that I subsequently forget, all the time !



S. de R. (Guatemala) 14 October 2009

I am writing you this mail to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  I have had no pain at all for 4 days,  I'm healed!!!!!  (During the last 9 years, I felt constantly and every single day  that pain)

"Anita," (U.S.A.) 30 October 2007

About 18 months ago, I had something wrong that just wouldn’t heal. The diagnosis was pretty dire, and the future suddenly looked bleak: long-term or even life-long medication and all sorts of tests and therapies. This was not part of my plan at all, and I wanted out. I just couldn’t accept what was being told to me; that I would be disabled for the rest of my days. Worse, they couldn’t tell me why I got sick or how to cure it. All I had was the name of a disease and a load of pills.

At this time, a very dear friend gave me a book called Anything Can Be Healed by Martin Brofman. It took a little effort to read all the way through - many of the ideas were pretty far-fetched even for me, but I persevered. I figured: what’s the worst that can happen? So I tried it. It’s basically a healing meditation. And it worked. I’m off the painkillers, back at work and busier and more positive than I was before I got sick. That is mainly due to the fabulous way it feels to wake up each morning and realise you are free of pain.

M. Al-M - Kuwait - 26 September 2002

Neck and shoulder pain which had been there since a car accident seven years ago has disappeared during the class, and I have no more sinus problems.

D. B. - Luxembourg - 3 January 2013

For me: I just accomplished a "test drive", and I made it finally after 6,5 month of not being able to drive--> to hold and turn the steering wheel. (Note - arm had been painful and immobilized)

Back in the driver seat :-) ;-) ...yeah!

Thanks for all your help and teaching.


A. D. - Geneva - September, 2005

The doctor said he thought I had not resisted and taken the medicines again: the results of my analyses were deeply impressive! For the first time after 5 years, my thyroid functions perfectly, alone! I am so happy to have found my normal way of health again! It is fantastic! I am enjoying each minute of this new life, MY life!!! 
Thank you for your spreading what you know!!!!!



MM (New Jersey - USA) 11 October 2012


S.D. (England) 9 July 2012

I took my lenses out on the first morning of the Healing course, my eyes are corrected for short sightedness and have been for 40 years, and, at the end of that day, fumbled and stumbled my way home across London. The only thing I could see on the advertisements on the Tube train was one that said 'Seeing is Believing'.  I know - just a coincidence!!

Since then I have not worn lenses, used my glasses only when essential, discovered that I can play badminton just as well (or badly!) without visual crutches.

I have been working with the eye exercises, affirmations and relaxation techniques in Martin's book - very regularly at first but with less focused effort in the last few weeks.  I appreciate and admire your writing style Martin.

I am convinced that my eyesight is improving at a physical level and, more importantly, in the sense of the way I see the world.  Yesterday I saw some tiny red insects that I simply would not have seen with lenses in....

E.A. (Canada) 8 December 2010

Before a healing class: "Unclear vision in the distance. Since childhood strabismus. Operation on my right eye. The left has been very dominant and the right tired, sad, withdrawn. Colors have always been more muted and dull through right eye. I also found it impossible to take a deep breath."

After the class: "Vision bright and clear after the healing on the last day. My eyes feel balanced. The colors with each eye are the same and when I look into my right eye it looks as enthusiastic as the left. I now breathe deeply and easily. I learned to receive love."

"I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to spend four days in the midst of such acceptance and love. My heart opened and I am now able to see that in order for my vision to clear permanently I only have to be true to myself and allow love to flow from me and to me. Thank you!!!"

Y.N. (France) 25 November 2009

Thank you Mr. Brofman for your sharing, your books, your experience. It really helped me a lot. I now have a perfect sight and I have healed many other things. 

I am now a different being in a different world.

C.R. (France) 19 November 2009

I have the pleasure to let you know that following a visit at the ophtamologist, my eyesight has improved by 1.50 dioptries. It is only the beginning :-)

B.B. (Spain) 13 August 2009

I CAN READ WITHOUT GLASSES! WOW!!!!!!! You might understand my excitement as I never read without glasses. It is also interesting to notice how the view gets blurred when I am in a blurred state of mind, then again gets more clear when I decide to turn back to that state of being that I experienced as home. Isn't it all amazing?

D.A. (USA) 10 March 2009

I went to the optometrist today. My left eye is 1.5 diopters stronger and right eye is 1 diopter stronger than the last time I was checked. (The doctor seemed a bit chagrined.. he doesn't truly believe that myopia can be reversed!) The pain and stiffness in my back is markedly better. I worked 16 hours on Sunday and not once did I feel a twinge. My movements are more fluid. I feel happy and light and energized!

T.S. (U.S.A.) 13 November 2008

Working with "Anything Can Be Healed" and all available CD's from Dr. Brofman for enlightening my shadows my vision has improved and lens script was lowered.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

N.B. (France) 30 December 2007

Before the class, nearsighted with astigmatism, 2 / 2.5. Migraines. After the class, perfect vision! No headache! ...and other things improved.

E.A.(England) 31 July 2007

My eyesight is better and I have lowered my prescription by half a diopter and I expect to lower it further very soon.  I listen to the tapes several times per week and use the affirmations from the book (which I am reading again).

D. B. - (Message Board) - 10 September 2006

I have not been regular with my eye exercises but I have been working at it off and on. I went into the eye doctor to get a new prescription because at first I thought my eyesight had worsened.

To my surprise my eyesight has improved! In fact, the contacts that I had been wearing were causing my eyes to have to constantly refocus...making them work harder. The doctor indicated that he was surprised how much the left eye had improved as he said that such a dramatic improvement is not common. I know the reason and it has to do with the exercises and meditations I do.

C. L. - London - February 2, 2006

I had an eye examination a few days ago.  The left has improved from -3.75 to -2.5, and the right from -6.5 to -4.5.  The astigmatism is gone from both eyes.

A. P. - London - November 29, 2005

I am already seeing more  clearly. I was slightly farsighted before the course and that has gone....

M. L. - Italy - April 20, 2005

My eye-sight is improving day after day!!!!!And it’s WONDERFUL!!!!
While we are coming back in Milano, i saw my eyes and they are different about the colour (are more green), the expression (they talk and give happiness, peace, relax.......) and when on Monday morning i met my father , he told me that my eyes were very different and he was really surprised!!
Another important think is that my eyes refuse to wear glasses, i don’t feel secure with glasses , while before i NEED to wear glasses to feel sure.
So now i walk in Milano, that i don’t know without contact lens and glasses!!!!I’m really happy and i feel full of energy and peace.
Yesterday evening, i went to “Assieme e Oltre” because i wanted to see someone of the course. Then i received a healing and after few minutes , i have seen, for a moment, all ... clear as if my myopia did not exist!!!!
Another important effect of my healing is the relationship with my father. For the first time in my life i have hugged him without any problem! And ..i spoke with him without any limits and talking about everything!
Now i feel in peace with everybody.

D. K. - London - February 13, 2005

I did your recent Intensive in Switzerland with Jude .... Eyesight was one of my 'things'.
I had my eyes tested 2 days after my return and, guess what .......  I needed weaker lenses, the optician was reluctant to admit that my eyesight had IMPROVED!!! 

H - Copenhagen - February 11, 2005

The day after the healing I was able to change glasses from 4.25 to 1.50.
The inflammation in my gums dissapeard on the way home from the healing.
My dentist wouldn´t believe her own eyes.
My lower back sometimes hurts a little but it dissapears again.
My ulcer has dissapeared - I can eat what I want.

J. K. - England - October 12, 2004

My eyesight has improved greatly and I have needed to get a new prescription. I feel wonderful, it is so freeing not to look at the world through fear, each day I feel and see more and more of the true me. The comfort eating has stopped and my true body shape is emerging. I continue to feel the benefit of the healings I received, every thing is so different for me. I feel at ease with myself and for the first time, probably ever, I love me!

C.W. - Scotland - May 17, 2004

My vision is also changing again, since my first intensive in January I have gained my peripheral vision, got better depth perception (I didn't realise how flat everything looked), improved the astigmatism and the nearsightedness, so I got new glasses in March.  Now its uncomfortable to wear my glasses again, so I'll have to wait and see what's changed this time.

C.S. - Switzerland - 6 March 2004

Before I did my first Body Mirror class, in 1998. I was wearing my glasses all the time, I had astigmatism. I accepted to experience to live as much as possible without my glasses. During the workshop my vision improved from about 50%-60%, which really required glasses to read and drive, to 80%, where it’s possible to live, read and drive quite comfortably without them.

Last week I was arrested by policemen who asked me, seeing my driver’s license, where were my glasses. I told them I was not needing them anymore since 6 years. They ordered my to go for an examination and change my driver’s license. So here it is, before and after. (a new identity as someone who does not need glasses).

S.S. - Jordan - 19 June 2003

I felt like Anne (The instructor, Anne-Birte Christensen) took a glass cleaner and polished my eye, I can see clearly now.

K.S. - Dresden - 3 June 2003

I see more and more clearly, like myself more and more and feel a lot more mature (in terms of really taking on responsibility for myself).

J.W. - London - 25 March, 2003

I can now read a number plate at 100 feet in good light without glasses, and am passing on your website address to others.

A.B. - Switzerland - 15 September 2002

This weakness in my right arm has gone. And I see better, specially some people, who do love me so much.

G. B. - Norway - 13 June 2002

It was a wonderful experience to participate in your course at Fyn. Thank you! My sight has improved with 0,75 on both eyes, so I literally look at the world in another way.


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M. (Message Board 15 January 2012

I have the hepatitis C virus and I'm being followed in the hospital every year to keep up with the progress of the disease. 
Last year the doctor told me that I had to do the treatment and he suggested to do it at that time and if not then, I would have to do it in the near future. I got fearful, because I had already gone through half of this treatment and it has a really aggressive substance called interferon, which I couldn't tolerate. So, the idea of doing it again was scary. 
Last November I went to the body mirror system and asked to heal the disease. Right after the seminar I went to do a fibroscan to the liver and the result was very good. The doctor said my liver was perfect (his words).
Now in January I went there again with the blood analysis to check for the virus. I went in the doctors' office and I saw both doctors pointing to my analysis and talking and one of them said "Well, this is a progressive disease, but in your case it practically didn't progress. So, we see no need of doing the treatment. Your liver is sane, the fire is small and the ground burned is few, so we can wait some more years for the treatment without interferon, which is already being done experimentally." And they added I'll even don't need to do the fibroscan every year, but from two in two years.
I was very happy and grateful hearing this words. It's a great thing for me being clear of that treatment.

And I'm expecting some day to see written in the analysis that the virus is no longer there.

I'm glad this healing seminars exist.

G.P. (Message Board) 7 May 2011

I was walking on the beach today and the clarity I experienced in my vision was so awesome, I felt like I had made a huge breakthrough. I also started to claim that this is now the "norm", so I should just get used to it and get ready for even more breakthroughs.

I also wondered if wearing glasses blocks us from our feelings? You are given a prescription, (drug) and told to wear them. I noticed last month when I did wear those old lenses it actually did block some fear, and when taking them off, what was blocked or stored in the muscles, was released - ten-fold. Just curious.

Also your book, Improve Your Vision, is packed with layers and layers of truths, insights, and all the answers one could ever want relating to the subject. And I am finding as I go back and read a chapter a day, my vision is getting clearer, and my clarity is getting deeper and deeper.

S. (Message Board) 16 March 2007

I posted sometime back regarding smoking, and your insight on "your relationship with air = your relationship with love" was exactly on point.
I consciously began to work on being open to love and giving love openly, and I must admit it was hard at first as I had to change my way of thinking and of approaching people - especially those close to me - but it was well worth it!
The craving to "light up" completely diminished on its own as my relationship with love (and loved ones) improved, and I didn't have any of the withdrawal symptoms that many smokers go thru when they are quitting.
Many thanks to you for your wonderful work!

L.G. (Rome - Message Board) 2 January 2007

...just wanted to let you know that the seminar in Nice was wonderful for us. when we left to drive home the colours were beautiful and all of a sudden we started realizing we could see better. i drove all the way and I could see perfectly which usually doesn't happen and right now I am using the computer without glasses and also reading sms on my cell phone without glasses etc we feel great...

...at http://forum.asiaco.com/healer/ 

20 May 2004 - 

I wanted to thank you. Last month my son gave me Rossella Panigatti’s book open at the page of autoimmune diseases. I started reading it and I knew I found what I’ve been looking for for a very long time. I found ‘the key’, I began to understand the connection between the symptoms and my life. I always believed there was a connection, but I could not understand it clearly and did not know what I had to do. Then I started changing and things are better – and I FEEL BETTER and SO MUCH HAPPIER and LIGHTER… I’ll be coming to the Healing Intensive in June in Bologna.

7 May 2004 - 

I've been reading these posts and just felt the urge to share my story here. Six months ago i had made some posts on this forum . Ultimately i was seeking relief from serious back pain. A doctor had told me after X-ray, that i had a degenerative disc disease & a touch of arthritis, at 32 years of age , it wasn't what i wanted to hear.

Martin gave me a couple of pointers with rgds to the overall 'psychology' & subsequent physical effects of an imbalanced root chakra.
After some reading & thinking on the subject...and more importantly going back to think about the root causes of the imbalance in my life when the pain began. It seems i have turned things around, to my own bewilderment & amazement. I have never doubted the power of the human mind, but got 'caught out' so to speak , due to my lack of understanding of its power to affect the physical body in a detrimental way.
The tricky thing is to go back & map out your thinking to the time your problem started, but once you've cracked it, you can break the chain...I hope I'm coming across to anyone who reads this. In the depths of physical pain that i was in, it truly seemed like i was going down hill. I am just a regular guy to the extreme, but I've always been interested in the various branches of "esoteric psychology"...for me to have pulled myself out of my predicament is nothing short of a miracle.

I suppose I'm seeking to offer encouragement here to anyone in a similar situation, I have the audacity to attempt this because i genuinely am flabbergasted at my own recovery. I would say good luck to you all, but its not about luck , its about changing thought patterns ultimately.

P.S. May 10 - what I realized most of all was that that very stressful atmosphere (I had been in) never really left me and it wasn't until i learned to let go of the stress that began then (at the time the symptom began), that the pain subsided......and is now fully gone.

Thank you again Sir Martin, for your pointers .......Noel

27 July 2001 - 

Sir Martin! What a pleasant surprise to find your web site. A great opportunity for me to thank you for your part in healing my vision. I found your ideas to be quite compatible with the other techniques I was practicing at the time (Bates and Windolf methods). The synergy of all the information has resulted in many years of healed vision. A true example of the teacher appearing when the student is ready. I can't thank you enough!

11 July 2001 -

I am slowly trusting the love that I feel inside of my heart and mind and reaching the aspect of LOOKING at the             situation without as much isolation and fear as I've have ..it is working!!! and without you and your message board I               probably could not have made it thus far. Thank you

11 July 2001 - 

Now i can make a difference between the right and the left.- the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain is better. And now in my life there is a girlfriend, We live together.

15 Dec. 2000 - 

Today I passed the colour blindness test (grey/green) that I failed 5 years ago AND I picked up my latest reduced prescription specs which are down to -1D myopia and -0.5 90 degrees of astigmatism in my spirit (L) eye, my will (R) eye (also reducing) is double that. In 1989 I had -3 in my left eye. My eyes have not improved for about 2 years so I am quite excited by my progress since I found this site.


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